Tree Planting Program

Our tree planting program, in partnership with the U.S. Forest Service, offers a unique and meaningful way to honor the memory of your loved one. When you choose Solace Caskets, a tree will be planted in memory of your loved one through our cooperation with the U.S. Forest Service. Although we cannot specify the exact location where the tree will be planted, please be assured that it will be placed in a forest area where it is most needed, contributing to the restoration and preservation of our natural ecosystems.

In addition to having a tree planted, the purchaser of the casket will receive a memorial certificate from the USDA Forest Service, serving as a tangible reminder of the lasting impact of their purchase. Furthermore, as a gesture of our commitment to honoring your loved one’s memory, you will also receive a Memorial Certificate from Solace Caskets.

Solace Caskets Memorial Certificate

The need to protect and restore our forests by planting trees is essential. Aside from carbon absorption and storage, trees create biodiversity, have positive social impact and stabilize the climate. By participating in our tree planting program, you not only honor your loved one’s memory but also contribute to the sustainability of our environment for future generations. Learn more about our initiative on the U.S. Forest Service website

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