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Primrose Half Couch Casket

Original price was: $3,298.00.Current price is: $1,648.00.

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  • Antique White Finish Shaded Coppertone
  • Rounded Casket Corner
  • Light Copper tone Plated Hardware with Carnation Adornments
  • Swing bar Handle to Accommodate Pallbearers
  • Pink Velvet Plush French Fold Interior
  • Carnation Embroidered Lid Panel
  • Eternal Rest Adjustable Bed with Matching Mattress
  • Matching Head and Foot Pillow and Carnation Embroidered Blanket
  • Full Rubber Gasket Seal
  • Enhanced Width (Compared to Standard Width Casket
  •  Locking Mechanism
  •  Memory Record Tube
  • Continuous Weld Sealed Bottom
  •  18 gauge steel ( 30% thicker than 20 gauge steel)
  • Fits In Standard Burial Vaults


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• Exterior width of casket: 28″
• Exterior length of casket: 83.5″
• Exterior height of casket: 23.5″
• Interior width: 23.75″
• Interior length: 78″

Yes. Usually you can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars purchasing a casket online. All funeral homes must have a federally mandated general price list in which they list costs for their services. Service costs vary from funeral home to funeral home for many reasons. One reason is that most funeral homes include profit in what they charge for the casket, some more than others.  Casket mark-ups at funeral homes can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the casket and depending on the funeral home.

Absolutely. According to federal law, funeral homes may not refuse or charge a fee to use a casket bought from a third-party source.

It is best to consult with your funeral director regarding the size of the casket that is needed. People are all sizes and shapes. Generally, if a plus-size casket is necessary, it is needed for additional width. Standard interior width is 24 inches; however, some 28.5 inch interior width caskets will fit into a standard 30 inch width burial vault.  Standard casket length is 79 or 80 inches, or 6’ 7”; however, extra room is needed for the bed lowering mechanisms. A standard casket will accommodate an individual approximately 6’3” or 6’4” in height.

  • It is usually less costly than buying from a funeral home. 
  • You can shop on your own time and research pricing and options. 
  • You will not feel pressured into buying more expensive options. 
  • You can shop in the comfort of your own home and involve other family members and friends
  • You will have a much greater selection

Yes. According to the Federal Trade Commission Funeral Rule, which is a federal law, a funeral home cannot refuse to use a casket you bought online or somewhere else. In addition, the funeral home cannot charge a fee to accept a casket that you bought elsewhere.

No, you are not required to be present, but you may be present if you desire to be. We recommend that you are present at the funeral home to inspect the casket when it arrives.

The Funeral Rule is a federal law that prohibits business practices by funeral homes that take advantage of consumers. Here are some provisions of the Funeral Rule: 

    • You have the right to choose only the goods and services you want, with some exceptions. 
    • A funeral home is required to provide you with a general price list of services and a casket price list.
    • A funeral home is required to accept a casket purchased online or at a location other than the funeral home.

We will confirm the details with you and with your funeral director, and the casket you ordered will be delivered promptly and directly to the funeral home. Please go to our “How It Works” page for complete information.

Costs vary widely depending on where you look. At a funeral home, the average cost can be between $2000-$8000. However, you can find a large selection of caskets online for less than $2000.

The least expensive casket usually offered is a cloth covered fiberboard casket, although some can be made of cardboard. These can also vary in price but generally start in the low hundreds.

The difference is in the design. Coffins are hexagonal and are wider at the shoulders and tapered at the head and foot end. Caskets are rectangular. Coffins are more popular in Europe and other countries. In the United States, rectangular caskets are customarily used.

The standard-size interior dimensions of a casket are 24” wide, 80” long and 23” high. The standard-size casket fits within the typical 30” wide burial plot. Many caskets are also available in wider widths.

There are many different types of caskets; however, most caskets are made of metal or wood. Metal caskets are made of bronze, copper, stainless steel, or carbon steel. Carbon steel caskets are made in different thicknesses or gauges of steel. They are made in 16 gauge, 18 gauge, and 20 gauge steel. The lower the gauge number, the thicker the steel. For example, 16 sheets of 16-gauge steel are one inch thick. Twenty sheets of 20-gauge steel are one inch thick. Caskets are also made of different species of wood such a pine, poplar, oak, maple, cherry, and mahogany. Caskets also have varied materials that line the interior such as crepe and velvet. Velvet is considered a premium fabric.

Bronze is the longest-lasting casket material, but it is generally the most expensive. Stainless steel, copper, and hardwoods such as mahogany and cherry are also considered premium caskets. Metal caskets have a painted finish and come in a variety of colors. Wood caskets come with multiple stain color options, or they can have a natural finish. Round-end caskets are more expensive to manufacture then square-cornered caskets.

Despite the best efforts of everyone involved, sometimes unfortunate things happen that can delay delivery.  We offer a 100% guarantee that if the casket does not arrive on time, we will fully refund everything you have paid. Prior to shipping, all caskets are cleaned, prepared, inspected, and photographed at our warehouse. In the event that the casket arrives damaged, we will replace the casket if it is possible to do so in time for the services. If this is not possible, we will refund everything that you have paid and will make arrangements for the casket to be returned to us.

Primrose Half Couch Casket

Original price was: $3,298.00.Current price is: $1,648.00.

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